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J. F. Andrade has worked in Colombia, Spain and Germany as a director, choreographer, performer and designer in numerous interdisciplinary projects such as dance-theatre plays, performances, tv, documentals, puppet theatre, multimedia plays, and concerts.

He acted in conventional and unconventional spaces (different background sceneries) for the International Art Festival of Cali and Medellín, Colombia's National Theater Festival, Iberoamerican Theater Festival of Bogotá, etc.



Principal pieces with Esfenoides in Colombia:


Rojo como la Sangre (1991-92), actor, dramaturg, designer.

Necare Mundi (1992-96), performer, codirector and designer.

El castigador (1994), director and performer.

Pazion Ferós (1995), performer and designer.

El rey mono (1996-98), director and performer.

Ziat (1997-98), director and designer.

Tríptico Críptico (1998-99) director, choreographer, performer.

Petite Suite (1998-2001), choreographer, dramaturg, dancer.

Un complot en Atrofía (1999-2001) choreographer, dramaturg, dancer, designer.


"Petite suite" (dance-theater) was chosen in 2000 as "exemplary piece” of the “Latin american contemporary theater", investigation of PD Dr. Barbara PanseFreie Universität Berlins, Germany.



LINCE Foundation


1n 1988 J. F. Andrade founded with Humberto Canessa LINCE (Body and Performance Interdisciplinary Laboratory) and worked as a director, choreographer and producer for different pieces and events such as: Performance for the inauguration of the Alternative Art Festival, Cali, 1998; choreography for Miss Colombia ‘98, RCN TV, Cartagena;  “Amor-tajado”, dance-theatre play, Cali, 1999; live performance for televisión "Vulgarxito", international festival “Rock al Parque”, Bogota, 2000; choreography for the International Salsa Festival Parade, Cali, 2001; “1. World Music Festival” sponsored for the Cali’s Municipal Secretariat of Culture, 2002; Dance-theatre workshops, Cali, 2003.



In Barcelona, Spain Esfenoides create the dance-theatre multimedia piece ZOLOS - 2005, resident project in the Centro Cultural de la Barceloneta. It was also selected for the Festival Maratón del'espectacle.



Esfenoides in Berlin


In 2008, Andrade staged the dance-theatre-multimedia piece “Break Point of Love” in co-production with Das Pumpwerk-Berlin.

In 2009, for the opening of the international art exhibition Neukölln-import, Esfenoides produced the interdisciplinary performance “Split in two”, which was again performed in 2010 during the “Wild at Arts - Dance Yourself” event at the Direktorenhaus gallery, amongst others. 

Also in 2010, the multi-spatial project “IN/SIDE/OUT” was funded by the Cultural Department of the borough of Neukölln in Berlin and was presented during the 48Stunden Neukölln festival.

In 2012 Esfenoides presented Offeneverwandlung in co-production with Schiller Palais and again with the support of the Cultural Department of the borough of Neukölln.



























































Lorena Aragón in Tríptico Críptico






Video Hueso Esfenoides - Sphenoid bone