Offene Verwandlung: (Literally) Open Transformation.

VERWANDLUNG is called in the language of theatre a scene change. Mostly, it is done with closed curtain. If a scene change can be observed from the audience, they are called ‘open curtain scene change’ (Offene Verwandlung).


More than a parody of stage technics, the performance is a reflection about modern society, with its ability to limiting, change, modify, disconnect or bring together. Traditions, political events, religious and cultural factors play here an important role. We're like 'packed in boxes', divided by occupation, origin, 'social class'...


The wall, as the object / symbol 'opens' in front of the audience with all its possible interpretations, depending on the importance / use people give to it. The walls protect, share, connect, build, enclose, or set the space open or private.

Means dance, lighting and video projections, we research in the origin and fall down of walls.

What could be seen if during a change of scene, a transparent curtain in front of the audience appears? What would happen if we could watch our neighbours through the walls or could have access to the thoughts of other people?


Director, Choreographer, Performance: Jose Fernando Andrade

Video, Set design, Performance: Alexandra Goloborodko

A co-production of Esfenoides, Visuallabo and Schillerpalais - Berlin


Project supported by the Cultural Department of the borough of Neukölln

(Kulturamt Neukölln)